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Where will my email and documents be stored once I am using Office 365?

Your email and documents will be securely stored on Microsoft's "cloud" servers. These servers are guaranteed to be housed in the United States.

What is the size of my mailbox in Office 365?

For a mailbox in Office 365 the size is 50GB.

What is going to happen with UConn’s Google services and Gmail?

All of UConn’s Google services will remain how they are today. Gmail will still remain as students email.

Can students take advantage of Office 365?

Students will be able to use all of the Office Online features after they log onto the portal but their email will remain as Gmail.

What are the system requirements for Office 365?

For system requirements for Office 365, the monthly subscription-based service for business, education, and government organizations, see System requirements for Office on the products site.


My email seems to be running slow. How do I turn on cached mode?

How do I turn on or turn off Clutter?

Clutter is an Office 365 email filtering feature designed to move low-priority messages – those you typically ignore – to a folder called Clutter.
For most UConn users, Clutter has been automatically enabled. If you do not want to use this feature, you can turn it off, or if the feature is not enabled on your account, you can turn it on.
You enable and disable this feature in the Outlook Web Application, which is linked to other clients, including Outlook on both Windows and OS X platforms.
  1. Sign in to Outlook Web App. Go to and click on Login to the Office 365 Portal. Enter your UConn email address ( and your NetID password. Then click the Mail tile.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the upper right and select Options.
  3. Go to Mail> Automatic processing> Clutter
  4. If you wish to turn on Clutter, check the box for Separate Items identified as Clutter.
  5. If you wish to turn off Clutter, uncheck the box for Separate items identified as Clutter.
  6. Click Save.
The Clutter folder remains in Outlook after you turn off the Clutter feature. The Clutter folder is one of the default set of folders, like your Inbox or Sent Items, and cannot be deleted.

Email Configuration

  • Setup Outlook for Windows
  • Setup Apple Mail and Outlook for Mac
  • Setup IMAP/POP3
  • Setup email for Android Devices
  • Setup email for iPhone/iPad
  • Setup email for Windows Phone

Setting Up Outlook

  • Outlook 2013 Manual Set Up for Office 365
  • Outlook 2013 for other email clients/IMAP
  • Outlook 2013 on an iPhone or iPad
  • Outlook 2013 on Windows Phones

Group Communication & Collaboration

  • SharePoint
  • Groups
  • OneDrive
    • Using OneDrive to collaborate with others
    • Troubleshooting sync problems
    • Syncing files in UConn OneDrive account
    • Syncing files
    • Getting started with OneDrive
    • Files, folder names, and file extensions that cannot sync to OneDrive
    • OneDrive for business Mac App instructions
  • Comparison of SharePoint, Groups, and OneDrive


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