Migration completed

UITS has completed migrating university email and calendar services from our local Exchange environment to Microsoft Office 365.

Once my account is migrated, what do I need to do?

Change how you login to your university email

Once your account has been migrated, how you login to the university email and calendar service will change. Previously, you logged in using your NetID username and NetID password.  After the migration, you will continue to use your NetID password but will enter your official university email address for your username instead of your NetID username. If you are unsure of your official university email address, check the UConn phonebook at http://phonebook.uconn.edu/.

Once your account has been migrated and you login, you will see an automated message in your mailbox from UITS.

Re-configure mail clients

  • If you open email through the Outlook email client, the application on your personal computer or device that enables you to manage your email, your account will automatically re-configure.
  • If you use a mail client other than Outlook, like IMAP, you will need to re-configure the client for Office 365.
  • If you would like to start or continue receiving university email on your mobile device, they will need to be reconfigured.

If you need any assistance with Office 365, contact the UITS Help Center at 860.486.4357 or helpcenter@uconn.edu.


Town Hall Presentation to UConn IT

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