Forwarding your university email account

The University of Connecticut permits forwarding your university email account to an official provider, such as UConn Health.

Although faculty and staff could previously forward their university email to unofficial providers, like Google, Yahoo, and AOL, UConn revised its policy on electronic communications (email) to remain in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and policies concerning the retention and protection of emails and attendant data. This policy went into effect on March 13th and after a notification/transition period, is being implemented at 5:00 pm on April 10th in conjunction with the university-wide migration to Office 365.

Please note: If you are currently direct forwarding email to one of the supported university services, this will remain in place during and after the migration.  Direct forwards to unofficial services will be removed during the migration, but no email will be lost when this occurs.

If you want to set up a new forward to an official provider, contact the UITS Help Center at or 860.486.4357.

Official providers must meet the following standards:

Technical: The service must have:

  • A full-time university employee who has authority for the service and is accountable for compliance with this standard.
  • An auto response mechanisms. If an individual leaves the university, an auto response will inform the sender that the recipient is unavailable.
  • Secure protocols for authentication and data transfer, such as IMAPS, SPOP3, or HTTPS

Procedural: The service must be able to:

  • Keep 30 days’ worth of deleted data from mailboxes.
  • Have spam and virus scanning on all incoming mail.
  • Remove access from terminated employees so they lose access to University data immediately.
  • Remove mailboxes for employees who have left the University unless they are granted the right to keep a mailbox with the University through Emeriti status.
  • Export mailbox data to meet Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
  • Have a litigation hold setting, which preserves all data, even if deleted by the user.
  • Search mailbox data, including ability to search by keyword and date range.